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As a leader for scrap metal removal in Salt Lake City, UT, Lhote’s Hauling Service has been successfully clearing the community and surrounding areas of unwanted items, appliances, junk metals, and more for many years. Our team is highly experienced in the handling and disposal of all metals including ferrous and non-ferrous items.

We offer scrap metal pick up as part of our scrap metal services. Our trained experts can come to your site and conveniently remove all size loads. This works out perfectly for those occasions when construction crews leave behind debris that can benefit your profitability. All demolition, construction, remodeling, and similar jobs leave a variety of surplus materials behind. You can trust our experts for convenient, affordable, and competent scrap metal removal services. 

When you call our team, we will help you load, sort, and recycle your metals. If you have scrap metal lying around, we know you want to get rid of it! It’s ugly and in the way. But don’t just throw it out! Make the environmentally friendly choice of recycling your scrap metal. Regardless of the condition of your scrap metal, responsible recycling can turn it into a new, useful product.

We have a reputation for being the scrap metal recycler of choice for companies and homeowners in the Salt Lake City area. Customers trust us to professionally clean up any site and leave it in pristine condition. Recycling scrap metal lessens the effects of landfill wastage that can seep into both the ground and air. We deal with a number of reputable scrap metal plants that convert all types of metal into consumable products. 

Lhote’s Hauling Service is commercially licensed to remove scrap metal in the entire state of Utah. Whether you’re in Salt Lake City, or any of the surrounding areas, we will come pick up your scrap metal for you. Contact us today to schedule a scrap metal pick up!

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